ABOUT US - updated July 1, 2020

Incorporated in 1996, around a 1972 Grumman Traveler at the York airport, York Travelers Flying Club is a non-profit organization of 5 - 10 pilots who want to fly a well-maintained  cross-country airplane at a reasonable cost.

In 2000, we sold the Traveler & purchased a 1978 Grumman Tiger. We also moved 25 miles east to Donegal Springs Airpark. The move to N71 made YTFC equidistant from Harrisburg, Lancaster & York, PA.


Bob Reed, Founder - CFII

Doug Evans - Private

Jeremy Nissley - Private / Instrument

Tom Rogalli - Atlas Air pilot - ATP; CFI

Jake Haines - USAF C-130 pilot

Jim Shumway - Private

‚ÄčSylvan Martin - Private

Sam Ganow - Commercial / Instrument

  • Steve Ganow (family) - Commercial / Instrument

Mark Lewin - Southwest Airlines pilot

Dean Krout